Just let that sink in a little.

Tony Stark with a Bawston accent. Ok, now breath a sigh of relief since our current Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., has signed on for at least two more Avengers movies. Still, Marvel Studios top dog (I almost typed dawg… the accent is infectious) Kevin Feige has said that the character is sorta like James Bond, able to be cast and re-cast till the end of time. At some point someone new will be in those red and gold robot pants.

While doing the press junket thing for his next movie, 2 Guns, Mark Wahlberg made a throwaway statement about how he prefers playing ‘real people’ over donning a cape and tights but he wouldn’t be against taking over for RDJ if someone asked him to. If you watch the interview, he is clearly joking (dear god I hope he’s joking.) You can check the video out below.

Semi-related, he also reveals that he was once considered to play Dick Grayson/Robin in 1997’s Batman and Robin, obviously he never got the roll and went on to star in Boogie Nights where he stared as <lazy dick joke here>

Hey, Marky Mark might not make a bad leader for The Avengers… you saw what he did as the commander of the Funky Bunch back in the 90s… They were a superhero team, right? My memory is kinda fuzzy with that decade.

Source: Yahoo Movies UK, via Comic Book Movie.

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