Things you probably can’t do in a month: lose 20 lbs, travel to every country in the UN, learn to read Japanese, and get pregnant (if you’re a man).

Things you can do in a month: Fix everything about the musical “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark” ???

Dubious. But this is what we’re hearing from producer Julie Taymor, who has valiantly defended the musical for it’s five week delays. Although I’m not sure delays need defending so much as sighs of relief. The cringe worthy musical suffered crap acting, injuries (Spiderman not so Spidey like. Did anyone tell him that falls were NOT in the script? I wonder.), production problems, and cast members taking off (smart people). However, they must prolong the suffering. As we turn our heads and say ::cough give up cough::, they claim its brand new and improved with new music, a different ending, etc. Here’s a snippet from the promo email, provided by ToplessRobot.com:

Order your tickets now and be the first to see the brand-new version of Broadway’s musical spectacular–with new music, new scenes and a whole new take on the mind-blowing theatrical adventure. Songwriting superstars Bono & The Edge of U2 have joined forces with a new team of artists to bring this sensation to even greater heights. Be there.

I guess we will be there. With a month to fix it, maybe they’ll prove us wrong and it will become a classic. We’ll tell our kids about it one day: “The day we saw the Spider-Man was life changing”. Or, maybe not. The new set of preview nights is out to scare us May 12th. The musical actually opens on June 14th.

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