Ah, the theme to Doctor Who. No matter the variation, that electric synthesised composite, which evokes an eerie sense of adventure, gets me all juiced up. A TV tune I can replay time and time again. It’s right up there with Remy Zero and their song “Save Me” from Smallville.

Doctor Who has been on for damn near 50 years and in that time the title sequence has gone through a number of changes. It’s music, logo, fonts and other visuals have evolved.Today’s video is a complete history of those revisions— with commentary! — showing how it’s changed while still remaining faithful.Maybe I’m just of fan of Doctor Who, or maybe I just get off on TV title sequences, but I find it fascinating to see how all the incarnations of the Doctor were introduced, how the decades influenced the fonts used, the style of music, the graphics..etc. Nah, I just got a fetish for title sequences (as I say with my dick in hand).

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