I never thought Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith could be any more absurd than it already is. But in the case of one particular Chinese bootleg of Star Wars: Episode III, it has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

The following mangled translation of the opening credits crawl has apparently been floating around the net for years, but it’s recently started its vengeful return. If you’ve never laid your eyes upon this, then I gotta tell you that these “lost in translation” subtitles (which I’m fairly certainly were  keyed in by Jar Jar Binks) make ROTS super terrific! Honestly,  Episode III being refereed to as The Backstroke of the West only improve Lucas’ dialogue.

 The republic encountered
Two squares fight the vehemence
The improbitity fills the words

Yea, I think I’ll get that inadvertent haiku tattooed on my wrist.

The opening screen crawl,which I am still laughing at, is only the tip the iceberg. Jeremy Winterson, who purchased a copy of The Backstroke of the West in Shanghai, has posted several choice screencaps from this lost-in-translation debacle.

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