It’s easy to see how excited Olivia Munn is to be playing Psylocke in Brian Singer‘s X-Men: Apocalypse, she’s been sharing pictures and videos pretty much non-stop since her casting announcement. We’ve seen her making flips, jumps, swinging swords, and high licking things. This time around Olivia, Miss Munn if your nasty, has decided to be a bit cheeky with her latest costumed photo, hoping to get fans “behind” her portrayal of the X-Men’s psychic ninja Psylocke.Here’s the shot:

See ya in 3 months. ⚔? 5-27-16 #xmen #apocalypse

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I worked for many months training. I did like six or seven hours a day. Sword and Tai Kwon Do training. And stunt training. And wire training. And I shot a fight scene for about two weeks. So, I hope there is a big fight scene that still remains in the movie. I shot one, so hopefully there will be one. I did get hurt training. Most of it was self-inflicted. I have a picture of my leg that is completely bruised from my ankle all the way up to my thigh. That was just because I was at home trying to learn sword by myself. And this was before I asked for a not-so-sharp blade to practice with.

We could continue to pun our butts off, but let’s just let the picture speak for itself. Munn, and the rest of the cast along with director Brian Singer also posted a picture of the birthday celebration held in honor of Sophie Turner, aka Jean Grey.

X-Men Apocalypse hits theater screens May 27th, 2016.

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