It feels like it was only yesterday that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) announced The Twelve Days of Deadpool… wait a minute, it was only yesterday. So for the next few days we can expect more Holiday silliness from the Merc with the Mouth. Today’s Day of Deadpool, Day Two, gives us the gift of a Gif… get it?

Let’s get right to the opening of the Gifs… because let’s face it. That’s what we all want.
deadpool gif
Reynolds gives us a little naughty and a little nice mixture.


Ryan, I do believe that is a class two misdemeanor in most states.


The Santa/Deadpool standees can be found at most theaters, so while you’re there to see Star Wars The Force Awakens this weekend, grab a few snapshots with the man in red that will be bringing Christmas in February. February 12th to be exact.

The only question I have is: When will the goats appear? There’s gotta be goats.

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