Zombies, Vampires and Justin Bieber are creatures that are all the rage these days. And well, there are plenty of other eat-your-face-off creatures that deserve the spotlight. Such as ORCS! Yes, the race of tough, warlike, misshapen humanoid creatures. They’ve been featured in practically every fantasy setting. From Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons and so on. They are terryfying bastards that never get any credit.

Well, that’s about to change, because we are proud to report that fantasy writings number one henchmen are getting their very own film. Oh, yes indeed. Our green skinned fighting friends get a whole movie dedicated to them in ‘Orcs: The Will Eat Your Face Off’. And if I may say, it’s about damn time!

They are savage, bestial and barbaric. They are mythical, medieval, and warmongering. They are monstrous, sadistic creatures devoid of human emotion…They are ORCS! Hordes of rampaging orcs! And they’re here to kill us all! The fate of the world is left up to two park rangers. Can they defend us?

Orcs Orcs Orcs are battle ready, ugly, peeved and pouring out of the mountain to wreak havoc and destruction on outdoor enthusiasts and eventually all of mankind. Our collective fates lie in the hands of our hero trio; a couple of bumbling but well-meaning park rangers and Katie, a hot and feisty, over-the-top environmentalist.
Release Date: February 22nd, 2011

Category: Film

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