If you were a child of the 80’s or 90’s then you’re probably familiar with Oregon Trail, everyone’s favorite early computer game about traveling west in the 1800s. Billed as an educational video game with the intended purpose of teaching children how settlers migrated west via wagon train. Miss spending hours in front of an Apple II coaxing pioneers ever Westward, only to have them die of snakebites, dysentery, or cholera? Well, now you can reclaim the glory days of gaming, because new media production group Half Day Today has come out with a (fake) trailer for Oregon Trail, the movie.

Finally a video game movie adaptation that stays true to its roots! It shows just how ridiculous some of the situations were in the awesome computer game, like only being able to take 10 pounds of the 1,400-pound buffalo you shot, or the fact that you could name your sister “Poop Face.”

No word on how much time and money was spent to make this one trailer, but if every video game movie was produced with this kind of love, we probably wouldn’t get so many bad  movies.

source: kotaku

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