So what would you sell to have enough money to own an orignal Darth Vader costume from set…your car, your entire comic book collection, your apartment?  How bout all three?!  This thing although, it would be as freaken cool as owning a piece of the Aggro Crag from Guts is pretty damn pricey…

“An exceptionally rare Darth Vader costume comes up for sale next month and is expected to fetch as much as 230,000 pounds ($365,000)” said  auctioneer Christie’s on Wednesday.

The main components of the 1980 costume, including the helmet and mask, are considered to have been production-made for “The Empire Strikes Back,” the second of the “Star Wars” series to be released, Christie’s added.”

This is unbelievably cool and such a rare thing to even have the opportunity to own.  Some lucky basterd with a lot of pocket change is gonna be able to pick this thing and display in their room full of other cool collectors shit I’m sure.  Personally, if I owned this thing I’d be wearing to greet people at my front door!  I guess that’s why people tell me I can’t have nice things!  What do you guys think, would you wanna a chance to own this rare piece of movie and geek culture??

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