Orphan Causing Absurd Uproar


Orphan, the new horror movie is scaring people way ahead a time, and it has nothing to do with the flick…It’s all REAL!!!! MUAH HAHAHAHA!!!(Maniacal laughter). They are blaming the negative connotation that Orphan brings with it and anyone interested in adopting an O-word.

Adoptive parents aren’t just rallying against ignorant stereotypes, they’re using it as a platform to educate others about older-child adoption. And in the meantime, parents of adoptive children will surely get questions from their kids about “Orphan.”  Say ParentDish of AOL Living.

Everyone is afraid of the myths and horrors of adopting older children and these extreme groups are comparing these Orphans to the N-word. Because the little girl in the movie grows violent towards the new parents and starts having violent and bizarre outbursts, and all these stereotypes are what is causing all the protesting.

This is like people protesting Dogma, or that The Passion of the Christ was going to cause anti-sematism. These people need to stop making a cause out of a film and focus more on the real problems. Real orphans who would love to have a real familyadopt them, same as foster children. These fanatics are loudmouths the same as the “God Hates Fags” group, and when a homosexual shows up, instead of bashing them as they say they will, they run away like scared little bunnies.

To sum up, this is such a non-issue, I can’t believe its getting press….Hey guess what? I’m not having a baby that projectile vomits or a child possesed by demons!! I’m also not going to buy a Camaro, because it may possibly turn into a big big robot!!……These people need to pay attention to their orphans and give them the love they need and stop bitching about a movie that will be forgotten in a month.

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