When I was little, my mom told me story about how there was a news cast on the radio about aliens invading earth, and sending the people of earth into a frenzy. Well this BADASS news is for all of us who missed Orsen Welles Punking America, by playing War of the Worlds as a real broadcast. Hold onto your bottled water and batteries, I can’t wait to see how many red necks still fall for this…Again.

Tomorrow, the H.G. Wells book will be read again on air — to promote the Zac Efron movie ‘Me and Orson Welles.’
The broadcast begins at 8PM on Oct. 30 — which is exactly 71 years and one minute after the first time the legendary actor pulled the stunt that led Americans to believe aliens were invading.

I’m not sure what channel or if its syndicated cross country, but if you can take a listen or find some info, comment below.


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