It is always incredible when the people in this world that have money and power use their influence for the power of good (insert obligatory lightside joke here!) At this moment in time there is no-one who has as much influence as the cast of Star Wars, a film that made $1 billion in 12 days (whether you enjoyed the film or not) definitely has some kind of swing over people! The cast and crew have been using the power of Star Wars to encourage people to transform the world around them with the Force for Change charity. Two very familiar faces (well, one face and one interface) got back together to talk about how people can make a change. 

Force for Change has already seen Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Felicity Jones and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy promote the charity. This time, the ever charming Poe Dameron himself, Oscar Isaac, meets up with his on screen robo-friend BB-8 to discuss how people can help the Force for Change campaign. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Oscar Isaac doesn’t have to do much to coax money out of us, the charming bastard! Regardless of this he discusses the incentives that lie ahead of people who donate at least $500 for the campaign. Signed BB-8 sphero droids are up for grabs along with other gifts in an exclusive “Star Wars prize pack” with the top fundraiser for the week getting a tour of Lucasfilm studio in San Francisco, culminating in a private screening of their favourite Star Wars film.

The wonderful meeting between the two reminds us what fantastic work is going on behind the scenes of a film series that brings people so much happiness (well most people, there’s always critics) with their films alone. FFC have already raised $174,894 and are going to match whatever they raise up to a million dollars. They support the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Make A Wish Foundation and UNICEF. If you would like to support the Force for Change charity please visit http://www.crowdrise.com/ForceForChange

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