Pac Man Can Art


If only I had the patience to do something like this. I certainly have enough can’s of tuna fish (for some reason I keep buying it but never eat it) but certainly have way to much ADD to attempt contsructing a ginormous, pellet eating,  Pac Man.

This bad boy was the highlight of this past years Canstruction. A charitable, international competition where “architects” and “engineers” meet to overcome the mutual construction of bold and creative structures made from cans of soda an canned food.

This Pac Man display is truly incredible and I top my hat off to genius’s behind it. However, if such things are possible why are we not seeing more creative food displays in grocery stores? Nerds like myself are wicked lazy and order” take out” more often than going food shopping. If I knew there was a F’N huge Pacman made out of cans of tuna fish at my local Stop and Shop I would go down and check it out, might actually buy something while I’m there.

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