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Love him or loathe him, you’ve got to give writer/director Guillermo del Toro credit – the man doesn’t seem to have much quit in him.  Even though Universal Studios recently took Pacific Rim 2 completely off its calendar of upcoming releases, he went ahead and submitted a script and budget request to the studio anyhow.

Now, to be fair, Universal continues to state that they are, in fact, committed to released the alien-versus-giant-robot sequel… they’re just not sure when they want to.  But it does seem a little strange that del Toro would continue work so fervently on a project that currently seems to have so little backing of and faith in from the studio.

Del Toro was responding to fan queries on Twitter when he told everyone the news:

From previous reports, it appears that writer Jon Spaihts was the man in charge of delivering the script.  Spaihts’ previous scripting credits include Prometheus and The Darkest Hour, in addition to having a hand in multiple upcoming projects: he’s writing or has done addition/revision work on Marvel’s Doctor Strange and the upcoming reboots of The Mummy and The Black Hole.

 Pacific Rim performed very poorly at American box offices, but did well enough in international markets to sway Universal to green-light a sequel, originally announced for 2017.  When further word comes of if and when Pacific Rim 2 gets a new release date, we will keep you posted!

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