Nobody likes rejection or criticism, no matter what they say or how they outwardly display it, their true inner reaction is all too often quite human. The other week we saw the director, producer, and two of the stars of Disney‘s The Lone Ranger respond to critics publicly, now the writer of Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim has taken to the Twitter-verse to respond to folks calling the film a flop.

It’s all because of Pacific Rim‘s soft weekend opening, face it, the movie took a few days extra to reach expectations and although the movie has made money, a sequel was still in jeopardy awaiting overseas sales in China.

What is truly interesting to me is that Beacham can’t let it go. You’ll see some other sites with some zippy responses to Beacham, but look at those Twitter account numbers and do a Google or two about the posters and you get… nothing of note. Much like one would get from Google-ing me, and no one is going to do that unless it’s as slow a news day as today has been.

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