Do you want to visit Gotham city? The dark, twisted labyrinth of grime and sin, home to an army of psychotic villains and cut-throats? If so, you might be in desperate need of psychotherapy but, thanks to a new deal struck by Warner Bros. and Abu Dhabi’s Miral, you might also be in luck. Abu Dhabi has always been a city obsessed with racing towards world firsts, even when no one else is running (world’s furthest leaning man-made tower, anyone?) Now, they’re about to become the first city to have a recreation of Batman’s hometown and for those who can afford the flight, this could be a childhood dream come true.

Batman isn’t the only beloved character to have his home turf relocated. Right alongside the dark, sinister alleys of Gotham you’ll find the suburbs of Bedrock, powered by dinosaur and disgruntled bird-based technology. Cartoon junction will be home to Looney toons and Scooby Do, and Superman’s Metropolis will find a new home in the desert as well.

“Miral is proud to confirm that one year after announcing its plans to bring Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to Yas island, we’re making great progress with our partners where we’re 60 percent complete and on track to launch in 2018.” said Mohamed Abdullah Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral. “We’re excited to reveal new details about the six unique immersive worlds at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, which is a key part of our ambition to make Yas Island a top-ten global destination for family fun.”

From the publicity photographs released so far, it looks like The Joker, The Riddler and Mr Freeze will all be getting their own attractions. Metropolis will feature the Hall of Justice and parents whose children refused to stop asking if they were there yet for the entire 13-hour flight can drown their sorrows in the Ace o’ Clubs.

An area called Warner Bros. Plaza, promises to recreate the decadence of Old Hollywood and Dynamite gulch threatens to…blow you up, we guess? In a family-friendly way? Marvin the Martian has an attraction there anyway, so it should be worth a look.

The plan is for Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to open in 2018 in the UAE. On completion the whole thing will cover 1.65 million square feet and feature 29 distinct attractions. For those of us who can’t quite afford the travel, we’ll have to make do with Batman on the big screen in Justice League when it premieres on November 17th 2017.


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