Since she first appeared as the most exciting part of the climactic battle in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Godot‘s portrayal of DC‘s epic Amazon warrior Wonder Woman, the nerd world has been obsessed with her. Expectations were hardly high for the movie, based on the quality of DC’s extended cinematic universe so far. On top of that, the film had to suffer being banned in Lebanon and boycotted by misogynists who felt left out of a small handful of women-only screenings. But despite all that, the film’s opening weekend was a roaring success, cleaning up at the box office and smashing into the mid-90s on its Rotten Tomatoes rating.

This film has been a long time coming. Although DC’s other popular characters, like Batman and Superman, have been granted dud after dud over the decades when it comes to the cinematic adapations and always get a second chance, Wonder Woman had been neglected for a long time before Godot development began in 1996. A full decade later, Patty Jenkins signed on to direct.

The vast majority of both critics and general audiences have been impressed by the movie, suggesting that it was worth the wait to finally see Princess Diana of Themyscira make it to the big screen.

It was predicted that the film would make a modest amount at the box office, with estimates in the $65 million area in North America. The film raced right past that figure and easily broke the $100 million line, in the USA alone. When combined with an overseas total of $122.5 million, Wonder Woman grossed over $228 million in its opening weekend, making it the number #1 movie in the world.

With this in mind, director Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to offer her gratitude to all the fans who have propelled this film to such heights, without whom it wouldn’t be such a groundbreaking feat for DC, for Wonder Woman and for women working in Hollywood.

Although it’s not perfect, as almost no films are, it has definitely raised the bar when it comes to DC’s output. Hopefully their future productions – such as The Flash starred Ezra Miller and Justice League, which will see Godot reprise her role as Wonder Woman – will continue to build on this success.

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