When we last left the Penny Dreadful gang, Ethan Chandler was on his way home to pay for werewolf crimes, Sir Malcolm departed for Africa and Sembene’s final rest, and both Frankenstein and his Creature were left in emotional ruins when Lily decided that Dorian Gray made a better companion than either of them. As for poor old Miss Ives, she was left alone after sticking her thumb in the eye of the Devil and all his minion, maybe more messed up than ever. So where do we go from here? The new trailer for Penny Deadful season three has arrived with some hints.

It looks like there’s no escaping the Devil no matter how directly you turn down his proposal, but then again, creepy Satanic puppetry is no way to woo a woman of Vanessa Ives’ (Eva Green) social standing.

Here’s the official synopsis for season three:

Season three includes a wealth of new and returning stars. Tony® Award winner Patti LuPone (American Horror Story), who guest starred last season as the Cut-Wife, returns as a series regular in the new role of Dr. Seward, an American therapist who treats Vanessa with an unconventional new approach. Wes Studi (Hell On Wheels, A Million Ways to Die in the West) is a new series regular starring as Kaetenay, an intense, enigmatic Native American with a deep connection to Ethan (Josh Hartnett) who also becomes an ally to Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton).

Shazad Latif (Spooks) will also be joining the fray as the title character from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Penny Dreadful will return on May 1 at 10 pm on Showtime.


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