After Steven Moffat announced his departure from Doctor Who, the big question for many Doctor Who fans wasn’t about what Moffat’s replacement Chris Chibnall would do with the series, but would he be doing it with the current Doctor Peter Capaldi? petercapalsidw

The Radio Times reports that the BBC has asked Capaldi to stay on when Chibnall takes over. Many speculated that the BBC would want Chibnall to start with a fresh Doctor, just like Moffat did with Matt Smith in 2005, but Capaldi had this to day when asked:

I’ve been asked to stay on, but it’s such a long time before I have to make that decision. Steven’s been absolutely wonderful, so I love working with him. Chris is fantastic, and I think he’s a hugely talented guy. 

I don’t know where the show’s gonna go then. I don’t know. I have to make up my mind, and I haven’t yet. As Steven will tell you, it’s very difficult to say goodbye.

What do you think? Capaldi staying on for a season would help Chibnall get his show-runner feet wet. There is a lot to do with Capaldi’s Doctor as well. He’s just lost his companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) so there’s that replacement to find.

Via: Radio Times

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