Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier this season showrunner Steven Moffat introduced the Sonic Sunglasses to the Doctor Who series and fans had mixed reactions that ranged from the amused to the outraged. That’s what fans do, but now fans can get all hot and bothered by the return of the Sonic Screwdriver to the series as Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor builds a new Sonic Screwdriver. Wanna see what it looks like?

You can check it out in the video below that introduces the new Sonic Screwdriver look:

While I am happy to see the return of the Sonic Screwdriver and not some other bit of clothing turned into some Sonic Counterpart like Sonic ring, or Sonic watch, or perhaps a Sonic belt buckle, I am not digging the new Screwdriver’s look. It’s so… phallic. Not that the others weren’t a bit like it, but this one has that blue… head that I can’t look past. It’s like a Sonic Car Accident.


It can’t just be me, or is it?


I’m looking at these others and don’t get that phallic vibe from them… maybe it’s just that TARDIS blue. What do you think of the new Sonic Screwdriver?


I will say it doesn’t look so bad in this picture from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. Take a look at the new teaser trailer:

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