Unless you read the monthly adventures of Spider-Man on the comic page, that headline might make no sense to you. Isn’t Peter Parker already Spider-Man? Poor, naive reader, for the past year Spider-Man has really been Dr. Otto Octavius – AKA: Doctor Octopus. Say whaaaaaat? It’s true, through the miracle of body swapping, Doc Ock was able to put himself in Spidey’s youthful, super-powered body and put Peter is his dying husk of a human shell. When the Doc’s body died, so did Peter, but since nothing – except Uncle Ben – stays dead in comics for long Marvel has revealed that “the one, true Spider-Man” is bound for a comeback. From the dead…

According to the New York Daily News, through Marvel sources, Peter Parker will be taking back his own mind and body this April in the newly relaunching Amazing Spider-Man #1, which will take over from the concluding Superior Spider-Man, which has chronicled the adventures of Otto’s Spidey. According to Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, Peter’s resurrection will not come easy. “In a strange and terrifying way. And… possibly… at a very great cost,” Slott said in a press release. “Remember, nothing is ever easy for Peter Parker. It’s one of the reasons he’s a true hero.”

Marvel has also unveiled new cover art by Humberto Ramos to show a happy and smiling Peter, back in control of his own body and happy to be back amongst the living.


So hopefully this will make everyone who sent Slott and Marvel death threats when the “Dying Wish” storyline wrapped in December 2012 happy. Many critics have said that the Superior story has re-energized the book and been a creative success for the character and the Spider-Man franchise, but there’s always a disagreeable minority. Hopefully, the haters have now been reminded that in comics, like the weather in Alberta, if you don’t like the changes, wait five minutes. Plus, you do know about this little movie project called The Amazing Spider-Man 2, don’t you? It stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Naturally, Marvel was not going to let this moment of corporate synergy pass by without commentary.

To Slott and Co, kudos. And welcome back Peter Parker! We barely had time to miss you.

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