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We all may remember Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man 3 as easily the worst film in the trilogy, but I think it’s also characterized by its debut of the black symbiote suit. Well, seven years later, pictures are surfacing that show a different version of the black alien suit (above).

So, what do you think? To be honest, the suit was never an issue I had with the movie. This one looks cool, and definitely resembles the comics version, but it looks like it’d be a real bitch to move around in, which is apparently one of the reasons that it was scrapped in the first place. In addition to the lack of movement, there is also word that Raimi wanted to keep the “webbed” design of the suit from the first two films.

Personally, I think the version used in the movie followed the logic of the suit, molding itself after whatever it comes into contact with, but I’m sure that more than a few fans will clamor over this more “faithful” design. For those who long for something like this to make it into a live-action Spidey flick, don’t worry; I’m sure Marc Webb will take a shot at the Venom suit at some point in his series.

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