In just about 3 years, another film in the POTC franchise will take what it can–which, based on history, could be as much as a billion dollars worldwide–and give nothing back, except a reasonably entertaining two hours or so.

Perhaps solely to remind us that they STILL do things other than Star Wars and superheroes, Disney has decided to continue the lucrative franchise with a fifth installment tentatively subtitled “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

As for who will make up this outing’s cast, we have no information as of yet–though all 4 installments have thus far starred Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, so the return of one or both of them is more or less assured…..and frankly, I don’t see how you could even consider making a POTC film without Depp–but then, I didn’t think they could (or should) make one without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley….More after the jump:

POTC 5 will be helmed by Kon-Tiki‘s Joachim Rønning (thank you, Disney, for choosing a director whose name I have to copy/paste) and Espen Sandberg. The script was penned by Catch Me If You Can‘s Jeff Nathanson.

And like every film in the series, this new addition will be executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

POTC 5‘s release date–July 7, 2017–comes during an apparently quite busy summer: Universal recently announced the release of Despicable Me 3 on June 30 of the same year, July 14 will mark the opening of Fantastic Four 2 according to 20th Century Fox, and Disney–with Marvel Studios–apparently has a “mystery movie” scheduled for release on July 28.

Like we always say–more info regarding this film–in this case plot details, cast, and official title will be made available as we learn them.

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