Pixar’s new movie Brave has a trailer out. It looks great so far, not that you would expect anything less from Pixar. Take a gander and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

The movie was directed Marc Andrews/Brenda Chapman and it features the voices of Kelly Macdonald (No Country for Old MenBoardwalk EmpireBilly ConnollyEmma ThompsonJulie WaltersKevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson and Robbie Coltrane.


Brave is set in the mystical Scottish Highlands, where Merida is the princess of a kingdom ruled by King Fergus (Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Thompson). An unruly daughter and an accomplished archer, Merida one day defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings turmoil to the kingdom. In an attempt to set things right, Merida seeks out an eccentric old Wise Woman (Walters) and is granted an ill-fated wish. Also figuring into Merida’s quest — and serving as comic relief — are the kingdom’s three lords: the enormous Lord MacGuffin (McKidd), the surly Lord Macintosh (Ferguson), and the disagreeable Lord Dingwall (Coltrane).

Brave arrives in theaters June 22nd, 2012

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