dan_aykroyd_ghostbusters_3For the past few months the rumors circling around a possible third Ghostbusters movie have been positive. Well positive in the way that would lead you to believe that the movie may actually happen someday. Long gone are the days of alleged script shredding and possible CGI cartoon rebooting, the internet is now in those halcyon days of Director rumors (even if it was a goof, I  kinda liked Max Landis’ pitch on twitter) and possible casting choices (thin Jonah Hill is a great choice for Louis Tully Jr.) Last we heard the film was set for a 2015 theatrical release, so official news and huge announcements will be happening soon, right?

Well, former SNL cast memeber/current Canadian vodka pitchman and the long suffering driving force behind Ghostbusters 3, Dan Aykroyd, spoke with Global TV’s The Morning Show this morning (Wednesday) to give a little update on the movie. So what is the current status of a GB threequel?

Now I am going to hold up a card with the answer on the other side. Concentrate… I want you to tell me what you think it is.

Oh hey, look. It says Ghostbusters 3 isn’t happening (again.)gb-shock-2

Ok, maybe that is a little cynical (or to some of us, hopeful) so let’s just say Dr. Stantz made it sound like there won’t be any ‘busting of ghosts anytime soon and this time the giant extra-dimensional terror demon in the fridge is money.

When asked about the movie, Aykroyd said that Sony Pictures still hasn’t decided if they want to spend the $150 million it will take to make it and to quote I think they should [but] I don’t write that cheque. We hope that things get sorted out at the corporate level, all the way up and down the company, so that capital can be freed up for the artists to do their job.

So not to pour evil mood slime all over your hopes and dreams (and to shoehorn in a reference to the second movie,) I guess we can say that the film is currently back in limbo over financing.



via Global News

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