Pokemon: The Musical (AKA The Pokemusical)


We’re gonna be the very best,

like no one ever was, DUH DUH DUH DUH

To write them is our greatest test,

to post them is our cause!


Okay, now that its out of my system, there’s a new Pokemon Video out. There’s so much thats funny about Pokemon: The Musical (AKA The Pokemusical). First of all,. There’s dick jokes. Everyone loves a good dick joke. Director Jeff Luppino, who also wrote the lyrics, had a lot of fun with the costuming and the dynamic between Ash Ketchum and Misty. He also “poked” fun at Ash and Pickachu, turning the tiny lovable pokemon into a blond hot chick. Well, that would explain why Ash began with choosing a pokemon that can barely win a fight against, Charazard for an example. And almost every other critter. Just saying.

This video reminds me of the very first season of pokemon, when Ash is finally old enough to begin his training. Now, I have always loved to poke (again, please feel free to laugh) fun at Ash, calling him “Ass Ketcher” and Misty, the pseudo slut who hangs around for ‘ass’thetic purposes, and also pretty much knows everything. The “Team Rocket” (Meowth, thats right!) portrayal wasn’t as visually accurate as some of the other’s, but they did run away like, shall I say, the pussies that they’ve always been. Ash and his crew save the day, and jump off to celebrate.

This video is hilarious, period. Check it out!

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