Strange things were afoot at the Maryland Taco Bell on Bel Air Road when police responded to an early morning hold up alarm. Thankfully, no employees were hurt and no Chimichangas were taken as a man in a Deadpool mask forced his way into the store just before opening with a baseball bat. Read on for more details below.

Police were able to quickly clear Ryan Reynolds as a suspect because he is currently filming Deadpool 2 in Vancouver.

The man above forced the employees into the food locker and then to open the safe. While the Deadpool robber may have gotten away, he didn’t get to spend his loot as the police then posted this capture notice the following day.

Furey was later charged with armed robbery, two counts of burglary, theft less than $1000, and theft between $1000 and $10,000.

What next… Avengers rob ATM?

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