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It looks like Robert Rodriquez may only be a producer for the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ spin-off, starring Ryan Reynolds. After an impressive response from FOX and Reynolds, LA Times has reported that Swedish music video director Adam Berg may be approached to direct his first break into the movie business and his first feature film. Yes, Berg has done work some outstanding commerical work in the past, and it shows, but how will he fair in his first forray into film? After seeing Adam’s short film “Carousel” it can be seen why FOX would have a such a hard on for this guy. It may only be a bit of a hiccup, but the over use of slow-mo could become an issue.

Judge for yourself and see what may be in store for Deadpool viewers after your own viewing of “Carousel”:

If FOX was in fact handing the keys to ‘Deadpool’ over to Adam Berg it could be the start of many great things to come. Or we may be witnesses to the biggest flop of the year. Hopefully the ‘Merc with a mouth’ will more than talk his way into audience’s hearts.

Deadpool is set to be in theaters sometime in 2012.

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