Possible TV ‘Wonder Woman’ Named

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You can’t keep a failed 1970’s TV project from being reborn into a better series. After hearing Warner Bros.Television has teamed up with writer-producer David E. Kelley to pitch a new Wonder Woman television series to network television, rumors have swirled on who will be part of the short list to play the Princess Diana of Themyscira. Hell Yes, Wonder Woman possibly back on the air, awesome! One of these names that has shown up is Tanit Phoenix, a (hot) South African model who’s been in a Lost Boys sequel, Lord of War with ‘Ghost Rider’ Nicolas Cage and will be in the direct to DVD prequel Death Race 2. Oh and here’s what she looks like [Slight NSFW]:


Yes, this could be the next ‘Wonder Woman’ and that’s just fantastic. With names including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Beyonce Knowles, Eliza Dushku, even Sandra Bullock being tossed in the hat over the last couple of months this could be the best Wonder Woman ever (knock on ‘wood’). It doesn’t take a lasso of truth to admit it.

To Lynda Carter: Please don’t beat me up, you’re still the original ‘Wonder Woman’.

What do you think of the possible Wonder Woman, anyone you think would be better suited? Leave a comment below.

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