Hey kiddies- If you frequent nerdbastards you may have noticed a lack of coverage in regards to Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers 3‘. The first two were abominations of our child hood. They raped our asses so bad that we just can’t bare to go thru it again. Nor do we want anyone else to experience their sole sucking power. Thus the lack of reporting on the 3rd installment. Though, we wish to refrain from update-to-date happenings on the project we know there are many bastards out there that are interested. We don’t care about those people (your the reason we get bad movies). No, we’re gonna kick up the coverage to those that are curious on how much they’re continuing to fuck things up. With the intention that you will pass on the hate.

Now, here is what appears to be the first poster for the upcoming movie. In it we have our first look at Shockwave as well as the movies tagline, “Be Afraid Of The Dark”.

“Be Afraid of the Dark”? Ha, more like “Be afraid of this Movie”!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon which is set to be released in 3D on July 1, 2011.

And here is the unconfirmed cast. Transformers: Dark of the Moon, directed by Michael Bay stars Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Alan Tudyk, Ken Jeong, Patrick Dempsey, and John Malkovich:

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009’s Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There’s new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime “Transformers” character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth.

What do you guys think about the poster? What do you think “Be Afraid of the Dark” means? Please share your thoughts and disdain in the comment section.

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