batman 4d coaster

Thrill-ride amusement parks are always working to one-up each other by creating the biggest and baddest rides that they can imagine. Back in the day, roller coasters used to go straight with a few ups and downs in the mix. Then they started going straight down. Then they started going upside down, backwards, sideways and traveling through time (okay, so maybe that last one is a lie). The latest creation slated to hit Six Flags San Antonio, however, takes the entire thrill ride experience into the “fourth” dimension and uses the Batman franchise to do it. Check out this video and see what you think of the Batman 4D Roller Coaster madness.

It won’t be until summer of next year that you’ll get the chance to ride it though. Personally, I’ll stay clear of this one. Not because I’m afraid I’ll get sick, but because my experience has proven that a roller coaster this crazy leaves me in serious amounts of pain. It ain’t easy getting old…


Source: Six Flags

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