It is now T-minus seven days and counting until the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens in theaters. Well, six days if you are going to advanced screenings. Whatever the case is, the moment will soon be upon us and we can all live happier lives. To get you ready for that moment, 60 Minutes has got a sweet segment coming out this Sunday which follows J.J. Abrams and John Williams during a scoring session for the film. And the cool part is that they’ve released a preview of that segment online. So come listen to some of the brand new music from The Force Awakens.

Here it is in all it’s glory. If you’re really impatient, you can jump to the 15 second mark where the actions begins.

Alright, tell us – how awesome was it to hear the new music? Right after that 15 second mark, you can hear the iconic them, but with the new twist for a new movie. One of the best ways to describe it is “refreshing.” As a fan of the films, the story, and the lore, you have to just take a moment, lean back, and smile like a kid. It’s finally happening. We’re going to find out what’s been going on with some of the most iconic and beloved characters in Sci-Fi history. And the movie looks good. Some have even said that if the movie turns out to be “just okay” that it’ll still be a huge success to fans.

It’s also important to note how great it was seeing Abrams so involved in the process. At one point you see Abrams and Williams conversing. Williams asks Abrams if something “could work,” and Abrams responds with an enthusiastic, “Yeah. It’s incredible!” It’s a true testament to his passion as a director and as a fan that’s going into this film.

The ultimate goal is to not have to eat my words, but I think we’re going to be fine here, folks. We’re going to fine.

Make sure to check out the whole interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes this Sunday.

Star Wars The Force Awakens comes out in theaters on December 18. The soundtrack will be released on CD and MP3 on the same date.

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