When the Batman Live arena show was first announced I, and many other Bat-fans, were completely stoked. The origin of the first Robin, Dick Grayson, a character closely associated with acrobatics and showmanship would provide the plot and it was being brought to life by DC and Batman legends, Allan Heinberg, Stan Berkowitz and Allan Burnet. All fantastic news. Then we saw some concept art of the stage and sets. Awesome. Then came the photos and video of the cast in full costume and we fans began to understand fear. This show could be complete shit. I mean seriously, do you remember how ridiculous they all looked?

This four minute preview which popped up on the web today won’t do much to ease your fears. In fact, you may find yourself shuddering with flashbacks of Joel Schumacher’s bastardized Batman films. Granted, I believe this footage comes from a rehearsal so we can’t be too condemning. But really, orange-glo baton fighting? WTF?!

I’ll have to give it to them, the giant Joker face with inmates as teeth is pretty cool. Creepy as fuck, but an inventive and interesting use of theatrics. The fight choreography looks badly staged, but again it’s a rehearsal and I’m sure the angles here are not ideal. Hmm, I feel like I’m doing my best to try and defend what is an overall dissapointing bit of footage. I guess I’m a Bat-optimist. Are you let down by this footage or looking at it with room for improvement?

source: io9

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