Logan director James Mangold tweeted out a first look at an aged Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Stewart’s version has always been kinda old, but he’s never looked as ragged and tired. Stewart is practically immortal according to the Internet and any pictures you find from the last 30 years, so this look is startling to say the least. Check it out after the jump.logan-poster-hugh-jackman-wolverine-3

Here’s the tweet:

Damn, he looks on the edge of decrepit. Hugh Jackman recently talked about the movie and word is that Professor X is suffering from Dementia and Wolverine is taking care of him. It’s easy to imagine how dangerous that might be, an incredibly strong mind that isn’t able to think straight all the time. The loss of control would be frightening to someone like the Professor, who likes to be in control.

What do you think? Signs point toward this not being anything like the Old Man Logan story-line that everyone was hoping for, but it does seem like a plot worth exploring.

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