Unless you’ve been living under a rock with Cyclops, you’ve probably heard the news about Marvel killing Wolverine. Recently, he’s been moping around the comics complaining about his lack of healing factor and emo-ing up some of my favorite stories. Well, Marvel is FINALLY doing the unthinkable… killing the one guy that is part of ever single team ever created. Good job, guys. I think the part that pisses me off the most is that every book released in September will be dedicated to mourning the most overrated X-Men to ever grace the pages. Yea, I said it… Come at me, Bub.

This week, Marvel tickled my fancy by giving a voice to two of it’s quietest and most enigmatic characters: The Watcher and Groot. DC failed on a whole new level when they decided to charge $4.99 for their not-so-“Secret Origins” book. Darkhorse decided to breathe new life into magic in the Buffyverse while Kirkman took my rage to an all new level with the anti-climactic wrap of of his “All Out War” book.

As always, if you’re easily offended tread carefully. Pryde’s Picks is full of boisterous inappropriate humor and way too much geek rage. This week features: Original Sin #0 Guardians of the Galaxy # 14 Elektra #1 Justice League United #0 Batman Eternal #3 Secret Origins #1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #2 The Walking Dead #126

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