PSPgo? More like PSPno.

Sony-PlayStation-Portable-PSP-goSony downright looooooves drawing pubic hairs… I mean making more shit that will make you fall in love at first sight, but ultimately piss you the fuck off. They came out with the first PSP a while ago and although I loved the ps2, I couldn’t bring myself to shell out the cash for a system that in no way would provide the fun my original Nintendo DS was giving me… and I was only playing Gameboy Advance games on it as all the DS games out at the time sucked seven kinds of ass. Later on though, the PSP was somewhat cool, because you could easily pirate everything for it ala the late and great Sega Dreamcast.

Fast forward to now. Sony is getting ready to launch the PSPgo, a smaller, sleeker PSP. It does not use those retarded UMD discs and goes the full digital route this time. Using a system similar to pre-paid cell phone cards and Microsoft Points/Nintendo Points (also free to play MMORPG’s with a cash shop), you can buy points and get games, movies, shows, pictures, and other useless shit. Another cool feature, is that you have to buy all of your games again because you can’t transfer them to your new PSPgo. Oh wait, that’s not cool, that’s pretty shitty. All right, so another cool feature is that you can’t use any of your old PSP USB plugs, or charging wires or anything. Crap, I keep saying things are “cool” when it really blows. I gotta stop doing that…

Now I am not endowed with a super press license (YET!) so I could not try this thing out first hand, but I have read a few reviews of it, and I will link them to you.





So based on all of that, I’d still much rather have this sexy beast than a PSPgo any day of the week. Even on Fellatioday. Which will be a real day, soon, I promise.

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