Psych,  is an American comedy/drama mystery television series, about a man who works for the Santa Barbra Police Department as their resident psychic. The only hitch is that Shawn Spence (James Roday) isn’t really a psychic, he just relies on his highly tuned sense of observation to solve mysteries. With his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster (Dule Hill) and his father Henry (Corbin Bernson) the series has lasted into it’s 6th season, keen senses and all. It’s one of my favorite shows!  It somehow combines youthful thirty-ish banter between buddies with Monk-ish sleuthing. The witty jokes, sharp dialog and endless obscure 80′s references make it a real delight.

So, I have a nerdy giveaway I would love to share with you, surrounding the premier of Psych Season 6.5 on the USA Network, on Leap Day, 2/29. There will be one grand prize winner of a Psych Arcade (pictured below) and the three runner-ups win signed Season 5 Psych DVDs!


Step 1.

Play the Flash game Squirell Assasins  (Campaign Mode) from February 26th through 28th. It’s a quick, fun game of lawn catapulting invading Squirrel Assassins.

Step 2.

Twitpic your high score to and #PsychArcade

Step 3.

Check back on Febuary 29th for the winners

Step 4.

Winners will be contacted for mailing information.

In the meantime, be sure to catch up on the past few seasons on Hulu – it’s a fun, light-hearted show that is a hoot to watch!

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