I’m getting sick of “Rumors” to tell you the truth and would like some good, solid fact! Spiderman 4 has more rumors bouncing around then beachballs at a Nickelback concert… (Random movie quote). This one is straight from io9.

Rachel McAdams, sexy AND she can act! Hot of Sci-Fi Smash Action Hit “Time Traveller’s Wife”, it is RUMORED she is in talks to play…………..Black Cat!! YAY! But I digress.

It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago, talkin’ villains that I mentioned the crowding that crippled the beauty of Spiderman 3 and sullied the image of part 2. So with Black Cat in the mix as a partner/love interest/pain in the ass that he has to deal with, I say, ditch saving Mary Jane…Again…And get some hot tail..heheheh…Rachel McAdams is not nailed down yet, and there may still be other auditions. Hopefully this might bring a little more grace to the film, and with Tobey Maguire getting his ass handed to him frequently, I think now that Harry is dead, he needs a partner in crime.

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