This better be a a fanmade poster. It better be some internet hoax. I swear to god! Rambo was walking home at the end of Rambo! He finally made it, and just cuz it did well, lets leave well enough the fuck alone!

So from what I’ve gathered, Rambo is called back into action by a secret military section ala’ Alkali Lake in Xmen, where they have bred some sort of remorseless supersoldier…..Who happen to look strikingly similar to Werewolves…I hope it is a subtle foreshadowing to the animal Rambo will become in combat….But if these reports pouring out are true….We’re fucked.

Next Rambo is going to fight Jason Voorhee’s in space in RamboX

Thanks ToplessRobot for the news….I lovem, but they sure fucked up my night lol.

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