It may not be world-shaking news, but last November New Line Cinema announced that they were looking towards putting together a flick based on the infamous, old-school, quarter-devouring game Rampage.  As a sure sign that they haven’t backed off from the project just yet, they recently declared their selection of writer – one Ryan Engle.

Ryan Engle isn’t known for much, but that probably doesn’t matter too much when you’re making a movie about giant monsters trashing a city.  Accompanying Engle on this questionable project will be John Rickard (Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination 5) as producer and Jaume Collet-Sera as director.

For those unfamiliar with the glory that was Rampage, players took on the roles of one of three giant monsters, mutated from human stock by some crazy-mad science.  These monsters then trashed cities, beat the living crap out of each other and munched down people in order to keep their health bars up.  All the while, military goons in tanks, helicopters and on foot tried to blast them to smithereens.  Once one city was completely leveled, players moved on to the next.  The cast of critters consisted of Ralph (a giant dog), Lizzie (a girly Godzilla) and George (a blatant King Kong rip-off).

The powers-that-be also mentioned that they wanted this new production to be in the vein of Independence Day (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean) but with a much more modest budget.  If they mean they want it to be an actioner, well no-shit.  What else would one do with three giant monsters whose primary motivation is pummeling cities and eating people?

Of course, with the recent use of the name Battleship for its own upcoming flick, (so named because there happens to be a battleship in the movie) it could turn out to be a rom-com for they care.

Currently, New Line has no script or even an idea of what’s happening with the film, so no one knows what to expect.  Just the way it’s being sold so far, however, is enough to bring tears to the eyes and cast a shadow over the fond memories of Rampage lovers across the globe.

Millions of quarters wasted for this?  If only giant monsters would smash Hollywoodinto rubble…


Thanks to the folks at cinemablend for sharing in our pain.

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