I dunno about you but I’m pretty damn sick of adaptations of Charles DickensA Christmas Carol”. The last good adaptation was “Scrooged” Starring Bill Murry. All this other crap that Hollywood has been spitting out, every two years or so is, well… crap! Don’t even get me started on Robert Zemeckis’s 3D Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey which, dare I say was FLAT on multiple levels. Christmas Carol has just been overdone. It’s turned into just another lame Christmas pageant that we all know the story and words to. I personally just can’t take any more incarnations of it. However, with that said I may just have to make an exception. I’m pretty stoked about the upcoming one-shot Ghostbusters comic. Now it may just be my fondness for anything Ghostbusters but I think it’s pretty cool that writer Rob Williams has put an interesting twist to the classic story. The premise: Scrooge hires the GB team to bust the time-traveling manifestations of his guilt on Christmas Eve. Since the Ghostbusters seem to have a pretty good WIN record I’m lead to believe that Scrooge mythos might be changed. Perhaps he doesn’t learn of his past mistakes and winds up remaining a pathetic, cranky, selfish, lonely, windbag. Oh wouldn’t that be lovely? Probably not going to happen. I’m sure the Ghostbusters will inadvertently play the role of the spirits and teach that nasty Scrooge a lesson. Either way, I know I’ll be reading this sure to be fantastic comic to my future kiddies on Christmas Eve. Unless, of course their bad. Then I’ll make them watch “Ghost of Girl Friends Past”. Way worse than a lump of Coal in my opinion.
Ghostbusters: Past, Present and Future comes out on Dec. 9th
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