In an attempt to keep up with the competition, WB revealed a huge slate of upcoming superhero films a few months back, which included the highly anticipated villain centric Suicide Squad.  At the time of the reveal, it seemed as if the movie was a lifetime away.  With 2016 less than a year away, however, time seems to have sped up a bit, and now the Suicide Squad movie is picking up some real momentum and we now have word that we may be seeing even more fan favorites up on the big screen than we originally thought. 


It was revealed earlier this week that End of Watch’s Jay Hernandez would be joining the cast of the David Ayers led supervillain flick in an undisclosed role.  Well, Latino Review’s El Mayimbe has put an end to the guessing and claims to know exactly who Hernandez will be playing in the film and it turns out that audiences may be getting their first on-screen glimpses of some other villains that are sure to put a smile on your face.


That’s right. Hernandez is rumored to play El Diablo, while Killer Frost, Blockbuster, King Shark and Live Wire are all rumored to be prisoners in the “prison”, which I can only assume is actually Arkham Asylum.  It appears that each of them, including Hernandez, may only have cameos, however, another actor attached to the film who was also rumored to play only a small part in the film seems to have a bigger part to play than originally believed.

We had heard rumors that The Joker, who will be played by Jared Leto, would have only a background role in the picture.  Well, if his recent comments to Billboard are any indication, audiences may be seeing much more of him than originally thought.

“I’m trying to gain a lot of weight. It means I have to eat every couple of hours — and I’m terrible at eating a lot,”

Early reports had The Joker locked behind prison (asylum?) doors while occasionally providing sage advice to the team of baddies, almost in a Hannibal Lector role.  While this may still be the case, the fact that Leto is undergoing a body transformation for the role may mean that The Clown Prince may have a meatier role in the picture.  Many people have wondered why Leto, who considers himself a top-tier thespian, would consider taking on a comic book role (or why WB would offer the role to Leto after Jake Gyllenhall’s epic turn in Nightcrawler, but that’s a different discussion).  Well, in typical Leto fashion, he explained to Billboard why he decided to board the project:

“The opportunity to take on this nearly Shakespearean character — that’s what graphic novels and comic books are becoming, right? [He’s] this beautiful disaster of a character — what a big challenge.”

Ah, so, apparently comic books are akin to classic literature. Who knew?  Obviously, comic books are a wonderful way to tell a story and are an important medium but I don’t know that Leto truly needed to defend his choice by claiming that the source material is much grander than it truly is, thus preserving his self-image.  Personally, I would have been happier to just know he wanted to play an insane serial killer that wears clown make-up.Joker

Snark aside, Leto may wind up doing a great job in the role.  After all, the man knocked it out of the park in Dallas Buyers Club, and even earned an Oscar for the part.  Is he anyone’s first choice? Probably not.  However, Affleck isn’t everyone’s first choice for Batman, Gia Gadot isn’t everyone’s first choice for Wonder Woman, and Jason Mamoa isn’t everyone’s first choice as…Ok, nevermind, he does make a pretty badass Aquaman, if the recent images can be believed.  The point is that WB doesn’t really care about who the audience believes should fill the shoes of these characters, which, hopefully, means that they hope to change our minds once the characters make it to the big screen.  Hopefully.

Suicide Squad will be unleashed in theaters on August 5, 2016.  In addition to Hernandez and Leto, the Squad will include Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot, Jai Courtney as Boomerang, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

Are you excited for the Suicide Squad movie? Which characters are you most excited to see on screen?

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