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Back in the 90’s, slasher flicks came back in a big way and the Kevin Williamson/Wes Craven masterpiece of fun, Scream, paved the way for the return of the genre.  The movie was brilliant in that it was almost a poke in the eye to the genre while also becoming one of the best slasher films in years.  As with anything in Hollywood, the movie generated sequels that could never quite live up to the original, though they were all fun in their own right.  In 2012, MTV ordered a pilot for a small screen adaptation of the highly successful horror staple but there has been very little talk about the project since.  Now, 2 years after the initial order, it appears that the Scream television series is finally making some headway and it has been announced that fans will finally see what the series will give them when it debuts in the Fall of 2015.

I seem to be one of the few people on the planet that honestly has no problems with a well-made sequel, reboot, or even remake of an enjoyable movie, and no matter what your thoughts are with respect to Wes Craven, you have to admit Scream was a blast.  The cast of young up and comers was perfect and Scream may have been one of the few movies in which Naomi Campbell put in an enjoyable performance.  I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea of a small screen adaptation when it was announced but I kept an open mind regarding the new vision of the project because, well, I have no problem with reboots. Then the bad news began trickling in.


First, after the announcement, half a year went by before any sort of casting announcements were made.  Quite honestly, during that time the idea of the Scream series had already been forgotten by most of the general public, so the casting seemed like it was out of the blue.  It’s pretty safe to assume that having your target audience forget all about your new series isn’t exactly the dream reception that MTV was hoping to receive.  Like the movie it is attempting to emulate, the television series cast a few fresh faced stars hoping to make a name for themselves but, in this case, those unknowns are so unknown that it is tough to get excited.  Then, the big bomb dropped that Scream’s signature bad guy, Ghostface, may not be appearing in the series.  No Ghostface in the Scream reboot?? WTF??  While this one is still considered a rumor, it has been reported by more than one person attached to the series, so chances are that this one is true.  Could MTV decide to get smart and add in the horror icon before airing the series? Sure, but the fact that this is even a consideration is worrisome.  Finally, even before the first frame was filmed, one of the lead actresses, Amy Forsyth, was recast after a less than stellar table read with the producers.  Stop to think about that for a moment.  MTV is the studio behind Teen Wolf and The Hills but Forsyth’s acting was still too terrible to join the series. Ouch.


Now, let’s talk about the good!  The plot does seem interesting, if a bit familiar: a video winds up going viral on YouTube and triggers a killing spree.  Last we heard, the killer may actually be supernatural, so add that to the mix.  Is it a spectacularly original idea? Not at all.  However, the original movie had a very played out plot but made itself unique with its humor and awareness of every horror movie trope used since the beginning of time.  I would imagine that in keeping with the spirit of the franchise, the series would explore the rules of surviving a supernatural horror movie but at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

No matter what Scream fans may think of the plans that MTV has for the series, there is no stopping the Scream train at this point and the best that most of us can hope is that the series will still find the spirit of the franchise and deliver some fun scares.  How do you feel about the series?  Do you think the studio is straying too far from the source material or are you happy that the original story isn’t being rehashed?

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