Here at Nerdbastards, out team of hardly working geeks tries to get the news out to our loyal readers as fast as we can.  As part of the territory, that means chasing a lot of ghosts and sometimes spreading rumors that are best left to die in obscurity.  But, we like to make sure you know what’s going on, so please take this next story with a grain of salt.

The rumor is, according to, that the character of Batman will not only be getting a reboot from the Nolan version, but that this new incarnation will make his first appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie being put together by Warner Brothers as we speak.  It is further said that this JL Batman will then travel off to make his own movies, shying away from the likes of Superman, The Flash and Aquaman (can you blame him?).

In my opinion, this is almost a smart move.  DC needs to start thinking about linking all their properties if they want to compete on the same playing field as Marvel.  They might want to think about introducing the characters in their own films first, however, before they get caught up in the madness that is an epic team movie.

Of course, this whole thing is just a whisper in the dark and likely the “news” will change within the week.  So stay tuned, randy Nerdreaders, for more exciting pseudo-news (and lots of the real stuff too!) from the NB posse.

In the meanwhile, what do you all have to say about it?  Reboot Batman now or later?  Or just leave him as he is and bring in Bat-Robin to take over?


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for helping us with the rumor mill.

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