You really cannot call yourself a nerd if you haven’t read this book yet.  Reclaiming The Soul of Halbert Halburt- Book 1: The White Book was this century’s introduction to a book series right on par with the fantasy writings of the 20th century greats.  (Do I need to tell you who the greats are?  C’mon, you’re a nerd!)

The book was written by our very own Zach Lawrence, one of the head writers on nerdbastards.com. In this first installment of what will be a several part series, you meet the title character, Halbert Halburt.  Nothing pleased Halbert more than a great pair of shoes, so simple was his provincial life.  That is, until a talking bird appears on his doorstep and insists he go on a quest!

You will laugh with and pity the main character as he stumbles through his quest; meeting heroes and villains along the way, as he slowly learns that he isn’t like other people.  He doesn’t have a soul.  The quest is to find the pieces of his shattered and scattered soul that lay about the vast world, waiting to be found by him before they are found by the evil Demonon and his minions and put to bad use against the human race.  The book was plugged by Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio and found a cult following niche.  Don’t you wanna be one of the cult?  I should say so!  Here’s your kool-aid.

This book has been out since March of 2008, so check it out, buy it on Amazon.  Also, check out the site dedicated to the book series.  Even better news, the second book in the series has just been given the finishing touches and sent off to be published, so keep your ear to the ground for it.  It’ll knock you on your ass with its greatness!  You will bow before Zach in trembling awe!  (Or if nothing else, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.  Who doesn’t like that!?)  More updates to follow on this amazing book series right here, on Nerd Bastards!

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