A few weeks ago we reported on a major schedule conflict that might arise and force Jennifer Lawrence to choose whether she wanted to return as mutant shape-shifter, Mystique, or Hunger Game’s champion, Katniss. Okay, she wouldn’t have had much of choice, it would have been more like Fox calling on their contractual rights for her to play Mystique whether she was finished filming The Hunger Game‘s sequel, Catching Fire or not. But thankfully, through the magic of Hollywood diplomacy and maybe a few backdoor, seedy deals, the shooting schedules for Catching Fire and the sequel to X-Men: First Class have been arranged in a way allowing Lawrence to shoot both. She won’t have much of life outside these two films for the next 10 months, but she’ll be returning as both Mystique and Katniss.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s sources say, “Fox is informing talent agencies Thursday that the studio plans to begin shooting its in-development sequel to X-Men: First Class in January.”

This is obviously great news for both franchises. For one, could you imagine Catching Fire without Lawrence in the lead? Inconceivable! And two, you know Fox is hoping to profit greatly from her new stardom. Can’t you just imagine Fox seeing that outstanding opening weekend gross for The Hunger Games roll in at Lionsgate, their mouths watering. I can almost guarantee we’ll see Mystique’s role in a First Class sequel expanded on. We already know the sequel has Matthew Vaugh back as director and will be focused on Michael Fassbender‘s Magneto, will we see something more developing between Mystique and Magneto? A fangirl can dream.

But what about Catching Fire? After all, it’s shooting first beginning in August or September. Well, unfortunately everything seems to be hanging on whether or not Gary Ross will come back as director, with no agreement yet but hopefully soon.

So, in conclusion, hooray! I’ve had one of my wishes fulfilled. Gasp! Does this mean I have only two remaining!?!! Must choose wisely.

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