While many companies have no clue when it comes to handling social media marketing, there are a few that truly get it and stand above the rest. Arby‘s cardboard artist is one example of a company doing it right. McDonald‘s just joined those ranks with a smooth and crafty gift for Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty. Check out the details below.

The third season of the hit show brought us a look at Rick’s past and his true goal in life, to get his hands on the limited edition Szechuan sauce that was a cross promotion for the Disney film Mulan. This started a campaign to get McDonald’s to bring the sauce back and sparked quite a few Ebay auctions for the remaining packets found in-car floorboards.

Now it seems that McDonald’s has come through in a big way. Here’s the tweet from Roiland:

Now that is how you handle strange marketing opportunities when they pop up, head-on with a sense of humor. Here’s a closer look at the pictures:

Take note the McDonald’s does say the a few lucky fans will also get a chance to experience the glory. That sounds like a contest to receive a jug of sauce. We’ll keep you posted as details develop.

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