Where to even begin with Rick And Morty? What began as an inside joke between animators grew into a pitch-black parody of Doctor Who, filled to the gills with trans-dimensional adventures, ridonculous super-science and naked nihilism. It was only natural that nerds everywhere loved it and we were willing to settle for the promise of a new season sometime around 2017, until Dan Harmon went ahead and ruined everything by ramming his face into the hype-train’s controls and make it launch out of its tracks and into orbit at full speed with his latests statement…

“I think Season 3 is—we’re targeting around the end of this year. You guys do realize we’re at the beginning of this year?”

Dan Harmon‘s statement was followed by a deluge of cheers from his audience during his Rick And Morty panel at the  Magic City Comic Con in Miami. His statement is long and rambling in that signature Harmon sort of way, culminating with:

“Nobody blog about this. We’re doing 14 episodes this year.”

Hype commences at 10:24

Fourteen episodes, almost 50% more season than the 10 episode run of Seasons 1 & 2. It’s obvious that the development team have pulled out all their stops, in an effort to keep up with demand following 2015’s stunning cliffhanger. While the creator dodged any further questions and didn’t go into the specifics of what we should expect for the duo’s newest escapades, he did tease us to no end by posting script title pages for season 3 and verifying that they have already begun voice recording for the episodes.

rick and morty 5

We don’t know how the writers will handle Rick‘s escapic space prison, Morty‘s new lease on life or Earth‘s attempt to adjust into the new status quo (following a peaceful takeover by intergalactic martial forces) but we know that there is no way that Harmon and his crew can let us down.

Unless all 4 episodes are just vacuous behind the scenes specials, but we guess we’ll still find a way to make memes out of them.

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