Roadhouse Video Game….why??


This thought comes from a little snippet buried in an article over at playboy and from Kotaku, who found it.  I will start with the fact that this movie was classic 80’s cheese, while good, it just reminds me too much of going out to eat with my parents and the stupid crap they would wear.  There are some good points about this possibly being a video game as mentioned over at Kotaku, but there are also a few bad points I would like to add.

The ONLY company in my mind that could do this game justice is Rockstar, no one else has the balls to do it the way it needs to be done.  You would need someone to play the part of the late great protagonist, my vote goes to Kid Rock, if for no other reason then his voice overs would be hysterical and he looks the part, and if for some reason Sam Elliot wasn’t available I would bring in Hank Williams Jr.  Anyone who knows these two guys would have no problem seeing them in a bar fight with bottles and tables flying everywhere.  Look at how good Ray Liotta did in GTA: Vice City, most of us thought of Goodfellas and could just see this happening.

That brings up one of the problems with this concept, I don’t want to be a good guy.  Sure they always get the girl, but the bad guys get the girl as well and if not, they take her.  I just have a feeling that if this game got made all the things that could be great about it would be lost due to the fact you have to be nice, it would be like crossing Vice City with The Bible Game.  This may be a little bit of a stretch but anything is possible, do we need reminding of BeBe’s Kids.  The other problem would be the fact that I already have a hard enough time getting into a bar.  I really hate 6 foot 3, 220lb bouncer rejects who try to compensate for the fact that they suck at life.  You give a guy like that this game and it is all over for anyone with so much as a crease in their ID, these people DO NOT need to be encouraged.

With that being said, a game based on this movie could be fun to play but it would defiantly need to be updated to include more period music and effects, that aspect, in my mind, would be the big draw for many people who are looking to relive their glory days of sitting on the couch imagining what it would be like to be a bouncer instead of a lonely janitor at a gym named Melvin Ferd.

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