I’m not really sure how this is going to work (yet I really can’t wait to see them try), but there’s now a Mrs. Doubtfire 2 in the works, despite the fact that it has been twenty years since Chris Columbus’ initial film hit theaters. Robin Williams (who co-produced the first) is returning to star in the film, more than likely hoping to replicate the original’s $440 million worldwide box office take. Since the children are now all grown, I can only hope that this somehow becomes Williams and Columbus’ White Madea series, if only for the potential of a Tyler Perry crossover.

A race war led by two weird dudes in old lady drag? The possibilities seem endless.

Columbus is returning as director for the Fox 2000 picture, with Elf scribe David Berenbaum penning the script. For those who spent their childhood in some kind of secluded kung fu monastery (free from the pleasures of TBS), the original film followed the charming misadventures of an unemployed actor, Daniel Hillard, who, following his divorce, disguises himself as an elderly female nanny, allowing him to secretly masquerade his way back into the lives of his children. The film was based on Anne Fine’s 1987 novel, Madame Doubtfire, and also inspired a superior adaptation, in which one Tobias Fünke (who renamed the character “Mrs. Featherbottom” for rights purposes) attempted to win back the heart of his own daughter, Maeby. Apparently, Bonnie Hunt had been attempting to get a sequel off the ground in 2001, but quit after many other writers were hired and they all realized that the plot was essentially worthless even seven years on.

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